Eagle Gallery


A Glimpse into the Sky

Eagles, with their majestic wingspan and keen eyesight, reign supreme in the sky. In this chapter, I reflect on the awe-inspiring beauty of these creatures and the thrill of capturing their essence through the lens of my camera.

The Eagles’ Sanctuary

Near Hygiene, Colorado, lies a sanctuary for both Bald and Golden eagles, where they often congregate amidst the towering trees. Join me as I recount my visits to this sacred place, where I’ve had the privilege of witnessing these magnificent birds in their natural habitat.

A Tale of Predators and Prey

In this chapter, I recount a remarkable encounter with eagles that left me in awe of their hunting prowess. From the stealthy approach of a Golden eagle to the unexpected arrival of two Bald eagles, the intricate dynamics of predator and prey unfold before my lens.

The Art of Patience

Photography teaches us the virtue of patience, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of wildlife photography. Join me as I share the lessons learned from hours spent waiting for the perfect moment to capture the eagles in action.

Moments of Wonder

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of nature photography, every moment spent in the presence of these magnificent creatures is a gift. Join me as I reminisce about the countless moments of wonder and awe that have enriched my life as a photographer.

As I reflect on my encounters with eagles near Hygiene, Colorado, I’m reminded of the profound beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Through the lens of my camera, I’ve been privileged to witness moments of raw power, silent grace, and timeless majesty. May my experiences inspire others to cherish and protect the wondrous diversity of life that surrounds us.

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